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passing car
From: jacknvu
Takes my breath away. Hot!

city park evening jo
From: jacknvu
This guy's so hot!

a big catch
From: antonio40
......and why is he not trying to get that huge cock down...

From: antonio40
This is as good as it gets, boys! Just perfect!

late in the park
From: antonio40
I just wish that for one day I could walk into someone...

caught in stall
From: freddy
Very cute!

urinal cruising
From: antonio40
As if these two great looking cocks in full attention...

KFC blowjob
From: stanleyroad
yummo....why cant i find such fun at KFC????

long flight
From: freddy
Hot! It takes a lot more guts to get your dick out among...

cum at red light
From: jacknvu
terrific load, and right where I like doing it, too!